Lorwen C. Nagle
Contemporary Impressionist – Symbolist Paintings

Welcome to the art of Lorwen Nagle!


I ended the year on an up note!  Finished "August Light", 30 X 46, oil, on 12/20/17 and delivered it to it's new owners for Christmas!


Please come by and see my recent paintings inspired by plein air, memory painting within the creative process! I am located on the top floor, first door on the right...signs are everywhere!! 


Recent work by Lorwen C. Nagle and David P. Curtis

September 30 - October 1, 2017

Brave Boat Harbor Headwaters, 15 x 32, oil, $1,800

For more works from this show please see my Sight & Insight Gallery

Owl's Head My most recent painting while doing this demonstration for coastal maine art workshops last week.

Introducing Lorwen ...


As a child, I was fascinated with ancient wisdom and the transcendent. I was an avid scholar and my work as a psychologist dealt with the exploration of consciousness. My paintings are a reflection of that divine spark. Conscious awareness is moment to moment and each moment can be visually expressed in an oil painting—these paintings are poetic symbols of the divine.


below: A Windy Day  It is an expression of an impression plein air.


When you observe an original work of art, your brain’s neurons fire in a similar fashion as the neuron’s of the artist who painted the piece.  This is called 'neuron modeling.'


And, there is more scientific evidence that supports this physiological change while viewing a beautiful piece of original artwork. Physiological, studies show “that the blood flow increases (in the brain) for a beautiful painting just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel good sensation direct to the brain.

In my bio, you will learn more about my life as an artist and a therapist.

My work has been compared to French Impressionist Impressionist Berthe Morisot.

Here is Fish Shed alla prima which I completed on site at Badger's Island, Maine. 



Check out the 'Why I love Plein Air Painting' page to find out more about my process.  

And in my online gallery you will find my aesthetic goals. I want you to have a palpable sense of my intention as I go out in nature to capture an ordinary moment.

Any artist who can put an emotional reaction to nature into their work while they are executing it is special. There is no teaching this trait. Many contemporary impressionist artists strive to capture feeling in their work. In Lorwen’s case, it comes more frequently than most painters. David P. Curtis, American Landscape Painter and Instructor