Becon-MarinaEach stroke in this painting carries emotion and power.

My painting style is loose and spontaneous and my intention is to allow the viewer insight into the painting process.

This painting was accepted in the New Hampshire State Library showing in May 2013. I painted the bulk of it on site in Gloucester, MA, in front of the Northshore Art Association on a very bright, hot summer day.  Then, some of the final touches were done in my studio in Kittery, ME.

The evolution to my painting process is exemplified in this painting. The end result is not about that first idea, but is instead a record of all those impulses along the way.

There is a wonderful quote by the artist, Walt Gonske that speaks to this process. “In the past, I would have an idea for a painting and hold to that idea through to the finish. I could pretty much see the end result before I started. There were no surprises.”  However, like Walt Gonske, I found out the idea to paint a certain scene is just the first impulse. And, there is a certain internal feeling that an artist gets when the painting is truly “complete.”

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